Google video ads: How does it work and why you use it

So you are here to learn Google video ads. I mean Youtube advertising.

It doesn’t matter, you are beginner or pro, in this ultimate guide you’ll learn all the things you need to know how to launch a successful video ads campaign.

Before begin, I request you to leave over all the distractions from your workplace.

Do you know the video is the future?

Yes, data don’t lie. It’s one of the biggest platforms for advertising. After Google, it's the most popular search engine in the world although it’s not created for search engines. It has 1.9 billion users. 50 million of those are content makers who upload 576000 hours of video every day.

Do you want to advertise your business on youtube? oh, that’s why you are here.

By the time you finished this content, You will learn youtube ad targeting, ad formats and how to navigate youtube ad manager. You also learn how to monetize your youtube channel.

So let’s get started.

How does google video ads work?

Google created several different video advertising options on youtube. Google allows you to run Treeview in streams ads, TreeView discovery ads, bumper ads and many more.

Now take a look at how each video ad type works.

TreeView in streams ads

When youtube users play a video, a skippable ad comes up before the video. We call it TreeView in-streams ads.

In most cases, viewers have to watch the 5-second video and then youtube allows you to give options to skip the video.

The great things about Treeview in-stream ad is the AdWords gives you so many data such as click-through rate, watch time, bounce rate and many more.

If you are smart about your video creation process, you can actually use this data to optimize your video for high performance. If people bounce back right at the 5-second mark but very little loss of entire video, you need to check your hook (first 5-second video).

TreeView video discovery ads

TreeView video discovery ads are not as popular as instream ads, but they are pretty common.

When you are searching on youtube, you most probably find discovery ads at the top of the search results. You can also find TreeView video discovery ads in the right-hand video sidebar.

Video discovery ads are helpful when you are trying to promote a video that longer than 15-20 seconds.

If they click on your ads, they much more likely to finish your video.

Bumper ads

Bumper ads are short, no longer than 6 seconds, unskippable that primarily use to build brand awareness.

I was just surfing youtube for an hour and can’t find any Bumper ads. So it’s not commonly used video ads.

However, Bumper add can be a great way to build and reinforce brand awareness.

Bumper ads are short. So you can't share messages or promote products at this given time. But if you have audiences that always support you, stay in front of your brand, bumper ads can be your best options.

How to advertise on video ads

It will differ how you can advertise on video ads depending on your expectations. You can use video ads to build brand awareness, influence the buying decision, increase brand loyalty or grow sales.

Video ads on youtube can be used following ways

Build brand awareness: when it comes to building brand awareness, your target peoples is who aware of their problems, but don’t aware of your products. You just need to introduce your products in front of them.

Influence the buyer decision: here, your target market is who aware of your products but hesitate to weather its buy or not. 

You just need to create videos that tell buyers why your products are best including hard evidence to back it up.

Grow sales: If you want to sales products from video ads, you need to hot traffic who already know your brand and aware of your products.

Increase brand loyalty: ask your customer to tell a story about your business. Make testimonials. And then show your prospects that you provide the best services or products.

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