What is Autoresponder In Email Marketing

What is autoresponder in email marketing

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Have you ever received an email that wished you for your birthday? You were thinking about how the hack this unknown person find my birthday date?

Are you wondering how is it possible? Before you know that I am going to share with you what is the autoresponder and how it work?

What is autoresponder?

Autoresponders are an email marketing software that has the ability to send email automatically to your email list based on the program you set before.

With the autoresponder, you can send out

  1. Automatic welcome email whenever visitors subscribes your newsletter
  2. Congratulations email whenever visitor buy from you
  3. Schedule email 
  4. Discount email  

And many other things.

Now you may find your answer. Yup, the autoresponder does the trick. It is possible to send the birthday email with the autoresponder.

If you implement email marketing with an autoresponder, it has the ability to fully automate your email marketing campaign.

It is a very tedious task to send an email to everyone. For instance, if you have products or services, you need to send a congratulations email. If you sell products 100 times every day, is it possible to send emails 100 times every day? well, if you can, you are superhuman.

We are not superhuman, that’s why we need an email marketing software that has feature that called automation. 

There are a lot of autoresponders out there. For example MailChimp, Getresponse, AWeber, campaign monitor, etc.

To send automate emails you need any of the software above and set the things up. After that, you need to relax. Rest of the work autoresponder done for you.

Does using autoresponder mean you should stop emailing manually?

Absolutely not. There are many occasions you need to send emails manually. For instance, you just create an awesome blog post. Now you need to promote your post on your email list. There is no way to automate this kind of post. You must send the email manually. You also cant automate sectional promotion, sales announcement, and news updates.

But most of the work, you can automate and forget.

How important an autoresponder is?

  • Autoresponders save time. If you are want to save your valuable time, you need to use an autoresponder. It saves you lots of time. Guess what happens if don’t have an autoresponder/? You always send email when sell generate or anyone subscribes your newsletter
  • It increases revenue: how many peoples use email marketing effectively? There is not much. But if you use it effectively, it increases your selling.
  • Autoresponder is always active. Whenever people buy or subscribe, your autoresponder response immediately.

Do you think autoresponder useful in business? If yes, you can comment below how you can implement autoresponder in your business. Or if you have any question, just ask me, I am waiting for your response.

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