What is G Suite And How Does it Work

What is G Suite And How Does it Work

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G Suite is a cloud-based bunch of apps that mainly need for email hosting. It also includes a verity of apps that your business needs. In fact, you probably using G Suite apps unknowingly.

Here are common G Suite apps with a brief introduction

  • Gmail: Gmail is one of the apps you can’t live without. It has 1.4 billion users and a whopping 26% market share based on open rates according to litmus
  • Goggle Calendar: Google Calendar is an app that we need every day. We are using it for scheduling call with clients, setting reminders for projects. One of the great things about google calendar is the ability to create multiple calendars that accessible for everyone or any segment of your company
  • Google docs and sheets: google docs and sheets my go-to tool when it comes to writing and documenting. Even now I am writing on google docs. With google docs and sheets, you can collaborate with other people even they can able to comment on your document.
  • Google keeps: if you search for an alternative for Evernote, Google keeps is one of the greatest options. With Google keeps you can create to-do lists, set reminders to stay on track.
  • Google hangout
  • Google forms 
  • Google slides
  • Google sites and many other

How does G Suite work?

To answer this question, you first need to understand what it does for you?

G Suite mainly uses for collaborations, communications, and storage. As I mentioned earlier, the G Suite is a SAAS app. Once any business buys G Suite package, they can use this app to work faster and better and more efficiently.

The G Suite suite for business because of sheer nature of companies- collaborations, daily communications and more.

The biggest advantage of g suite is you can use your company name in your email address. For instance, if you use free Gmail it gives you like [email protected]. But with g suite email, you can able to include your company name like this [email protected]. A professional email gives you the companies visibility, makes communication better.

The main benefit is all your team member can access you business name email. 

So if you want to grow your business effectively, you need to use this awesome G Suite. I can't stretch but it is one of the best tools in our arsenal. Go and try it. You must fall in love with these sweet apps.

I hope you get your answer to how does it work. If you have any questions, feel free to ask questions in the comment section, I am ready for it.

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